End of Money-2

This is the second part of my blog, the “End of Money”.

Genesis 2, verse 15 says that God put mankind-Adam in the paradise of pleasure to dress and to keep it.

This seems to me to be a prime directive to mankind.  We were to dress and keep the Earth.  Well, what does this mean?  To me it means that we are to be stewards of this Earth.  From the very beginning, we are supposed to build it up.

Well, how do you build it up?  You naturally have to build yourself up along with it.  In other words in order to build up the earth, mankind has to build a lasting civilization along with advanced technology in order to do this.  This means that mankind has to have a healthy economic system.  An economic system that lasts.  An economic system where every part of the system is  cooperative with every other part of it.  This  is  necessary since every part  of the economy is interdependent upon every other part of the economy.  Let me give an example.

A fruit and vegetable plant that processes fruits and vegetables to be then passed to the centers of distribution have to depend on these same centers of distribution to provide fruits and vegetables for the plants employees.  This fruit and vegetable plant must  depend on the local energy company for its heat and electricity.  The said plant must also depend on the local communications company, such as a telephone company,  for its communication needs.  It must also depend on water companies, repair companies for its machinery, the machinery companies for the replacement of machines that have outlived their usefulness, etc.  This fruit and  vegetable plant must also depend on their employees to be clothed, have a home to live in, healthcare for the family members of said employees, transportation for the same employees, etc.  I think you see what I am speaking of when I speak of the economy of the world being interdependent.

All of these goods and services should flow freely throughout the economy of the human race.  But as I said in Genesis, the dragon, or shall I say, his minions of the human race, decided that they wanted a piece of this pie without have to do their share of the work for it.  So they injected a medium of exchange whereby they could take a piece of the pie without any effort on their own.

Banks, financial managers, taxing entities such as the IRS, insurance companies, etc. don’t do anything to contribute to the economy of the human race.  All they do is count and shuffle money around.

And all of these monetary entities make sure that they have control of governments and communications to make sure that they keep their money in place.

They have gotten the whole human race into a monetary mindset.  Now the human race no longer wants to keep and dress this paradise of pleasure for the most part.  Now the energies of the human race are directed to the making and acquiring of money to the detriment of mankind and the earth both.

While the purveyors of this sickness which is primarily the Hebrew take down civilizations that they have already sucked whatever they could get out of them, they have moved their operations to the next group of nations as we see happening now in the western part of the earth and the movement to the eastern part of the earth.

I will put another installment on this problem in another blog in several days.




End of Money

I have started this blog to present a new kind of economy-an economy that is not based on any kind of monetary system.   Let me explain that I believe that a monetary system is the fruit of the tree of good and evil as spoken of in the Garden of Eden.

Let me explain a little why.  This fruit caused Adam and Eve to die the death.  But what death?  Genesis doesn’t just say that the fruit caused them to die.  Genesis says that the fruit caused them to die the death.   Chapter 5 of Genesis verses 1 and 2 say that “This is the generation of Adam.  In the day that God created man, he made him to the likeness of God.  He created them male and female; and blessed them: and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.”

It appears to me that the bible is saying that God created mankind in his image and called his name Adam.

The story of Adam and Eve is to me a teaching tool done in a very simple story to a very primitive race of people comparable to telling a small child that a stork brings baby brother or sister.

I believe that Eve was the personification of the priesthood of the religion at the time the same as The Blessed Virgin Mary personifies the Catholic Church today,  and that Adam was the personification of the government at the time that this story took place.

The dragon, Lucifer, is a spirit so he has to work through men.  “The Babylonian Woe” written by David Astle is a wonderful book.  In it he explains how evil people in society took over by first getting the institution of silver accepted by the priesthood as a medium of exchange.  Since everyone is beholden to their religion, it is only natural that the government and the rest of society acquiesces.  Incidentally, I strongly recommend anyone to get this book and read it.  It can be found on the web by typing  “The Babylon Woe.”

Well, what is this “death” that Genesis is speaking to us about today?  Look around you.  Look at the world.  Look at the wars.  Look at the economy.  Then look at high finance.  Those who control the finances of the world have fleeced all of us.  We are now running out of their money so it is time to bring the whole of Western Civilization and the rest of the world along with us.  I believe that this is the death which God spoke of in Genesis.  Remember, it was Our Lord Jesus Christ who said that there is not one thing new under the sun, no  not one.  Look at what is happening to our civilization today.  It is falling the same as civilizations of the past have fallen.  Or rather, as David Astle said that by looking at what is happening today we can get a pretty good idea as to what happened to the civilizations of the past.

I plan to add different aspects of what see in this world on future days.   Thank you for reading my blog.